Echelon Photographers: Blog en-us (C) Echelon Photographers [email protected] (Echelon Photographers) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Echelon Photographers: Blog 80 120 Makayla's Night Out I got to meet the Fradin family thru one of my long term customers and we immediately hit it off. They were planning a really special event and as part of that we did a preshoot of Makayla on an evening in Center City Philadelphia. It was just like a modeling shoot with changes of clothing, etc.

Some of the venues we used were famous philly landmarks such as the Art Museum, The Continental, Max Brenner's Chocolate House, Devon restaurant and others. It was a fabulous shoot and Makayla performed like a pro. Some of the photos were used as posters for her reception.

We did our family portrait shoot at The Merion in Cinnaminson, using their terrific garden and waterfall to its best advantage. The whole family is unusually good looking and we came away with many awesome images. Finally , the reception came and the food provided by The Merion was outstanding in both quantity and quality. Their grand ballroom accommodated all the guests in style and the party came to life for the whole night, guided by Hi Energy Entertainment.

Makayla had a truly PHENOMENAL NIGHT OUT!

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Jared Tops the Top of the Tower I feel like I have know the Brunner's for years....wait, I actually have! It all started with their daughter Jordan's fabulous Bat Mitzvah celebration held at Tedenza in Northern Liberties and now culminates in her brother's big bash at the incomparable venue ...The Top of The Tower. We spent some time taking in the breathtaking views on the terrace overlooking Philadelphia's great skyline....made many memorable images there and on the street level. The action then moved ahead to Jared's Bar Mitzvah service held in the two level great room and finally culminated in a fantastic celebration run by Hi Energy Entertainment....the action never stopped and I believe Jared had the time of his life. Enjoy the photos.


D2_0821drD2_0821dr D1_0048D1_0048 D1_0038bwD1_0038bw D1_0037D1_0037 D1_0051D1_0051 D1_0055D1_0055 D1_0072D1_0072 D1_0069D1_0069 D1_0073D1_0073 D1_0074D1_0074 D1_0079D1_0079 D1_0086D1_0086 D1_0081D1_0081 D1_0092D1_0092 D1_0091D1_0091 D1_0096D1_0096 D1_0104D1_0104 D1_0125vgD1_0125vg D1_0127drD1_0127dr D1_0128D1_0128 D1_0067D1_0067 D1_0109D1_0109 D1_0139D1_0139 D1_0042D1_0042 D1_0148D1_0148 D1_0153D1_0153 D1_0123D1_0123 D1_0161D1_0161 D1_0149D1_0149 D1_0133D1_0133 D1_0178D1_0178 D1_0183D1_0183 D1_0186bwD1_0186bw D1_0209D1_0209 D1_0215D1_0215 D1_0216D1_0216 D1_0221D1_0221 D1_0226D1_0226 D3_0091D3_0091 D2_0822clrD2_0822clr D3_0062bwD3_0062bw D1_0146D1_0146 D2_0793vgD2_0793vg D3_0027D3_0027 D3_0043D3_0043 D3_0057D3_0057 D1_0256D1_0256 D1_0164D1_0164 D1_0172D1_0172 D1_0168D1_0168 D2_0814drD2_0814dr D2_0792D2_0792 D2_0808D2_0808 D2_0783D2_0783 D2_0818D2_0818 D2_0854D2_0854 D2_0833aD2_0833a D2_0830aD2_0830a D2_0861D2_0861 D2_0875D2_0875 D2_0876bwD2_0876bw D1_0258D1_0258 D1_0332D1_0332 D2_0908D2_0908 D2_0932D2_0932 D3_0196D3_0196 D3_0131D3_0131 D3_0162D3_0162 D3_0207D3_0207 D3_0237D3_0237 D3_0179D3_0179 D2_0933D2_0933 D3_0261D3_0261 D1_0347D1_0347 D1_0369D1_0369 D1_0375D1_0375 D1_0382D1_0382 D1_0409D1_0409 D1_0413D1_0413 D1_0423D1_0423 D1_0453rbD1_0453rb D1_0495D1_0495 D1_0527D1_0527 D1_0534D1_0534 D1_0543D1_0543 D1_0562D1_0562 D1_0602D1_0602 D1_0618D1_0618 D1_0624D1_0624 D1_0662D1_0662 D1_0684D1_0684 D1_0740D1_0740 D1_0768D1_0768 D1_0809D1_0809 D1_0639D1_0639 D2_0959D2_0959 D2_0962D2_0962 D3_0281D3_0281 D3_0304D3_0304 D3_0309D3_0309 D3_0310D3_0310 D3_0319D3_0319 D3_0336D3_0336 D3_0346D3_0346 D3_0364D3_0364 D3_0409D3_0409 D3_0413D3_0413 D3_0518D3_0518 D3_0535D3_0535 D1_0773compD1_0773comp

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Richard and Emmy's Wedding Well...I haven't posted for a long time, too busy editing everyone's images. But this one is definitely worthy of a new blog. I have known Richard and his family for a long time. In fact, I have done a lot of photography for them in the past. Now Richard is working in Saudi Arabia and met Emmy , who is based in London. They decided to have their wedding back in the States at the Mansion on main Street which is right around the corner from me and has some of the most scenic areas around South Jersey. We had a great day , and I really enjoyed meeting Emmy and her family with their lovely English accents. Also enjoyed ther choice of ride to the wedding , a beautiful vintage Rolls appropriate! Anyhow enjoy the photos...I think they captured the day very well . Thank you to Samantha and the staff at the Mansion for all your help. 6D2_0175bw6D2_0175bw 6D2_0180bw6D2_0180bw 6D2_0184vg6D2_0184vg 6D2_0187lr6D2_0187lr 6D2_0206dr6D2_0206dr 6D2_0209dr6D2_0209dr 6D2_0216bw6D2_0216bw IMG_1699IMG_1699 IMG_1711IMG_1711 IMG_1712IMG_1712 IMG_1714IMG_1714 IMG_1729IMG_1729 IMG_1735IMG_1735 IMG_1754IMG_1754 IMG_1835IMG_1835 IMG_1866IMG_1866 IMG_1883vgIMG_1883vg IMG_1896bwIMG_1896bw IMG_1951IMG_1951 IMG_1955IMG_1955 IMG_1957IMG_1957 IMG_1962IMG_1962 IMG_1964IMG_1964 IMG_1966IMG_1966 IMG_1970IMG_1970 IMG_1986IMG_1986 IMG_1987vgIMG_1987vg IMG_1997bwIMG_1997bw IMG_1999vgIMG_1999vg IMG_2013IMG_2013 IMG_2033drIMG_2033dr IMG_2037IMG_2037 IMG_2046IMG_2046 IMG_2059IMG_2059 IMG_2406IMG_2406

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Jen and Amit's Fantastic Wedding! DSCF0284vr2vgDSCF0284vr2vg Last year I was fortunate enough  to meet this great couple and have them choose me to document their wedding day. We had a wonderful time before the wedding with their engagement shoot in Philly , which already has a blog. I felt that their wedding day was superlative enough for me to do another blog. They are both wonderful physicians and just warm, loving people, and that includes their families too. Enjoy the moments we created on their very special day        

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Melissa and Greg rock the Mansion I consider myself very fortunate to have been chosen by Melissa and Greg to document their wedding day at the Mansion on Main Street this May...the day couldn't have been better and the couple really let their emotions and love flow freely. Here are some highlights of the day.

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Jen and Amit's Evening at the Museum Jen and Amit have contracted me to document their wedding in August. Last week we decided to do an engagement session in Philly at the Art Museum. Its no secret its my fav. place to make some images and every session turns out to be unique. I really enjoyed working with this couple...they are beautiful inside and out. We had a great time creating some great images. Here are just a few.

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Great Day at the Art Musem Sunday, Laura and I met the Jen , Zar and their two great boys...Ryaan and Aidan at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We started shooting right away and the images just flowed and flowed....the boys were great and Zar and Jen make a lovely couple. They will be celebrating the boys' Navjote ceremony this Saturday. Thank you guys for a great time and the opportunity to make these images.

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Jordan's Big Philly Bash! When I met Jordan for the first time the morning of her Bat Mitzvah service...I was totally taken aback by her charm and her bubbly personality...we start our photo session immediately and it became apparent to me that this was one special young lady! Throughout the morning and later that evening at Tedenza...our rapport the and resulting images became better and better! The whole family was swept up in the action and the Northen Liberties did not disappoint either. The party lasted until the wee hours and was full of fun and energy till the very end. Thanks for letting me document your special day!

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Tedenza...A Celebration of Love Its not often you get to photograph the wedding of someone you have known since she was a teenager...but Cara and her family have been customers and friends for many years. When they came to book me for their wedding photos...I was delighted and excited to be a part of this summer celebration. We started at Cara's parents high rise near the river and then took the Cescaphe trolley to Tedenza in Northern Liberties. We had a great time all day and night and the celebration was definitely epic...led by the music o fthe fabulous Jellyroll ensemble...Thank you Cara and Rob for including me in your plans!...and thanks to Tedenza for a monumental atmosphere for photos.

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Sophie's Incredible Weekend! I had the pleasure of photographing Sophie and her family for her Bat Mitzvah celebration this fall. Needless to say...we go back a few years to her brother's Bar Mitzvah and we are very comfortable working together. Her mother and I arranged to do a casual preshoot with Sophie at the Croft Farm on a nice warm November evening. We wound up displaying a few of these several weeks later at her Bat Mitzvah celebration. As you can see from the was a BASH!   Sophie...with her golden locks and smile really make these photos special...thanks....for letting me share in your celebration. Thanks also to Temple Bethel for the excellent and picturesque facilities and to Leon of All Around Entertainment for producing a killer dance party




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